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HP7 - but no spoilers, I'm a nice girl

Considering the fact I didn't do much today apart from reading, I'll tell some reeeaaally interesting things about yesterday.
Well, it won't make the world turn. But I want to remember the first day of the rest of my fandom life (titel stolen from a Snupin-community at livejournal.com).

At 8.30 in the morning I took my moneybag and my little brother in order to reach the book shop not a single second after 9 o'clock. Well, with the result that we lingered outside for about 15 minutes until it opened...
I began reading on the way home and never put the book away for longer than 2 hours, and never voluntarily. I was supposed to cook yesterday, but I guess it wasn't very... delicious... considering the fact I read while I stirred the potatoes and everything...
Anyway, I absolutely adore this book. It's so... (as I don't have any word for it, just imagine me squealing excitedly).

In the evening my sight was a bit more than just a bit blurred. It was fun, really. But, thank God, I didn't have to go out anymore, only my back hurt very much as, while reading, I lay in a hundred different positions for a much too long time.

I intended to read the whole night long, but as I stayed up until 3 am yesterday (and woke up at half past 7 in the morning), I was a liiittle bit tired, so instead of reading the last 200 pages, I just laid myself to sleep at 1 am.

Today... well, I woke up at 9 am, but I didn't want to read.
I didn't want it to end.
I didn't want Harry to die (though I didn't know anything of the ending).
But I wanted to know more about Bellatrix. Wee, I'm so obsessed with her!
So, anyway, I read further. I had to cook today, too, but as my mum stayed in the kitchen, I wasn't able to read...

In the afternoon, I finished.
And I'm near crying, the whole day, but thank God, I don't. It's the end...

Reason enough for me to plan a "Potter project". (To my best friend I suggested calling it the "Potter wizard project", but actually I've got enough of stuff like that. ;D) Well, I hope I'll create something decent. Fanart, drabbles, stuff like that.

Have a nice day.

22.7.07 22:14

Watch out, I'm a Pottermaniac

I am definately and completely going insane. I mean, how obsessed can one be? It's not... healthy anymore, I guess. *g*
22.7.07 21:47

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